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Top Ten Opportunities For SCBWI Carolinas Members

  1. Ignite the Spark
    Designed for writers and illustrators alike, this Carolinas members-only group meets over Zoom on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM Eastern. Work along with friends while illustrating or writing a short story told in under 250 words, then share your work if you’d like. Members, watch your inbox each month for the invite to attend!
  2. Critique Group Central
    This members-only resource provides information on how to create or join a critique group. Groups can meet online or in person and are for writers and illustrators. Please contact SCBWI Carolinas Critique Group Coordinator Carolyn Fraiser with questions.
  3. Blog Submissions for Our Monthly Newsletter
    This is your invitation to submit a post! The Pen & Palette is a place for Carolinas members to share their experiences in writing, illustrating, and publishing books for children. It represents the professional careers of our members, and as such we strive to present well-polished entries. We encourage writers and illustrators to share about their creative processes and artistic journeys, including our Full members’ experiences in self publishing and marketing.
  4. Indie & Self-Pub Member Spotlight in Our Monthly Newsletter 
    Be a featured creator in the Member Spotlight section of our monthly newsletter, which has 3,000+ subscribers. We will highlight members who are self-published or published by an independent publishing house. To be featured, email Ashley Belote IC.
  5. Social Media
    Join us on our social media platforms for connection, commiseration, accountability, and advice.
    Members-Only Facebook Groups:

    • SCBWI-Carolinas Working Illustrator’s Network (WIN) exists to connect all illustrators on a regional and professional level. Our hope is to offer a go-to “hub” to find inspiration and community.
    • SCBWI-Carolinas Group is our place to meet other members and share announcements about what’s happening in the region.
    • SCBWI-Carolinas PAL Groupbprovides a place for PAL members to promote their events and learn about opportunities for published authors and illustrators.
    • Ignite the Spark! – SCBWI Carolinas is the place for ITS attendees to share their illustrations and short stories, and offer each other feedback and encouragement.

    Public engagement: follow our public social media accounts for announcements, interviews, and shout outs.

    • Twitter: @SCBWICarolinas
    • Instagram: @scbwi_carolinas
    • YouTube Channel: SCBWI Carolinas
  6. Book Fairies 
    Each month PAL members are invited to submit their newly released titles to our Book Fairies list. This list is posted in the monthly newsletter and provides the information needed for members to request these titles at their local libraries and book shops. Requests are a quick way to offer support for our new releases.
  7. Book Fairies First Look Interviews
    Each month PAL members with a newly-released title are invited to enter the drawing to be interviewed for our First Look program. These interviews are shared via our newsletter, social media, and YouTube channel. PAL members, watch your inbox for the monthly invitation to enter.
  8. Hurrahs 
    News of agent and contract signings, launch dates, awards, and other special recognitions are updated monthly. When good news happens, please be sure to email our ARA Elizabeth Rawls and use the subject line “HURRAHS!” We will post on the SCBWI Carolinas website and all social media.
  9. Virtual programming
    Watch the Carolinas newsletter, your inbox, and social media for announcements about new programming. Did you know you can find virtual programming to attend in other SCBWI regions, too? View the schedule.
  10. Volunteer opportunities
    If you would like to volunteer to help at a conference or workshop, or if you have a special talent that could help support our region, please contact the Carolinas Regional Team!

    Erica Wood, Regional Advisor

    Elizabeth Rawls, Assistant Regional Advisor

    Becky Shillington, Co-Assistant Regional Advisor

    Ashley Belote, Illustrator Coordinator