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Children's Book Writers
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We have a mid-summer deadline for manuscript submissions.  Check the deadline dates on the Conference Countdown: Deadline and Dates. Submissions received after the deadline date is passed will not be opened, but returned. 

How are critique entries formatted? 

Please read Formatting Your Critique Entry for detailed instructions. 


How do I know if my critique is to be sent via USPS or digitally? 

  • When you signed up for a critique that information was on the registration form. 
  • Download SUBMISSION INFORMATION  This is a listing of all faculty who are providing consultations, if you submit digitally or via USPS, what categories they are accepting, and what genres they will critique. 

I am submitting via USPS, what do I need to know?

We ask you use a single envelope for your manuscript. If you are sending by FedEx, UPS or Priority Mail, you do not need a separate envelope inside the mailing envelope.

Illustrators submitting a picture book manuscript may also include ONE [1] copy of a dummy for the manuscript, in any size that will fit into a standard 9” x 12” envelope.


Can I mail only through USPS? 

Submissions are accepted only through USPS and our Post Office Box.

However, FedEX and UPS do deliver to the USPS physical address. Be aware of delivery protocols of carriers other than USPS. Please choose wisely and allow ample time. Packages might not be overnighted to this PO Box. 

  • To send via USPS
    • SCBWI Carolinas Submission, PO Box 1216, Conover NC, 28613
  • To send via FEDEX:
    • SCBWI Carolinas Submission, 201 1st Street East #1216, Conover NC 28613

Make sure you have the correct postageSCBWI Carolinas WILL NOT pay ‘postage due’. Envelopes will be returned unopened.


I am to submit my critique entry digitally, what do I need to know? 

We ask you to save your entry as one document in a Word.docx file. The one document should include:

We ask you to label the Word.docx file   Last Name_Title_Faculty, i.e, Fannin_Darkness_Armada 


Where do I send my critique entry?  

  • Send your entry to
  • In the email Subject Line: Last Name_Title_Faculty, i.e, Fannin_Darkness_Armada  
  • Attach your Word.docx to the body of the email.  DO NOT PASTE INTO THE EMAIL. 
  • In the body of the email include: 
    • Name  [the name on the submission MUST match the name on registration] 
    • Address
    • City
    • State 
    • Faculty 

How will I know my submission has been received? 

  • You may request a Confirmation of Delivery from the post office when you mail.
  • You may request a Confirmation of Delivery in your mail program. 

 DO NOT write to ask if your submission has been received.

ONE WEEK PRIOR TO the submission deadline we will send out two emails:

  • A. a reminder to all who have registered and not sent in a critique entry
  • B. a notice to all who have registered and the critique entry has been received. 

When are critique sessions?

We schedule ALL manuscript sessions for the Friday afternoon of our conference, between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. All sessions are fifteen minutes of face to face time. Please make sure you are available to attend the conference during that time.

Manuscript critique sessions CANNOT be rescheduled. While we would like to accommodate any timing requests, please understand that we are scheduling more than one hundred sessions, including portfolio reviews, over a three hour period.