Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Oh. One Last Thing…

SCBWI has developed a number of policies to ensure the equal treatment of our members and faculty as well as anyone who chooses to register and attend an event, either in a physical location or online. We, in SCBWI Carolinas, as part of the larger organization, provide this information on our regional page. 

By registering for any SCBWI Carolinas event, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of our policies on Recording and BloggingAnti-harassment,  Photos taken at events, our Attendance requirements and requests and how we deal with food restrictions

We detail all our policies on our Professional Conduct and Event Policies page. 

We, who work on the regional programing are a team devoted to bringing valued craft events to our region. Please note, we are all volunteers and so we also post a non-solicitation policy. 

If you are found in violation of the above, SCBWI reserves the right to remove you from the any SCBWI Carolinas event and bar you from attending future events.

Knowledge & Sharing 

Knowledge is power. It emboldens us to complete our tasks, try new things and work towards success.

I remember, as a kid, every time I learned something new I made sure everyone in my family learned it. I can’t say that my sisters were thrilled with this enforced education, or that my parents were either. In some of us there is the need to share every little morsel of information we glean from any source, as I continually did with my sisters who complain about it to this day.

Our SCBWI C Annual Fall Conference is packed full of knowledge of the art and craft of writing and illustrating for children.

How do you revise? What does it take to get an agent? What does an Art Director want? How do I market my books and myself?  How do I make my story a page turner? How do I keep a series interesting? Do rhyming picture books sell?

We have speakers who will be working to answer these questions and more, giving you suggestions, techniques, formulas and all sorts of tips and tidbits in your own journey in writing and illustrating for children.

That’s why we have these conferences. What we are talking about now is much different from a kid showing off her smarts to her siblings.


Our speakers are professional writers and illustrators who have been tested and found success in a very competitive marketplace, children’s literature. They work not only at their own writing and illustrating, but are willing to put together programs and share their hard won knowledge. And, they may do this, not only in our Carolinas region, but in other SCBWI regions around the world and in other venues where writing and illustrating programs take place.

As an attendee at our conference, you have paid to participate in these presentations. We ask that you respect our speakers willingness to share by not giving away what is their proprietary work, be it a unique formula for revision that a speaker has developed over years of writing, or, be it an insight into how a simple marketing plan can increase your visibility and that of your book.

Below is the SCBWI Blogging/Recording Policy. Read the policy. Whether you are blogging, tweeting, posting on Facebook, on Google + or any social media,  please respect the amount of the time and energy our presenters have put into this conference.

Thank you in advance for reading our policies.  Your professionalism is greatly appreciated.