Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators


Thinking about attending our conference? You might want to check out all the opportunities we have for illustrators

1. Sign up for a Portfolio Review. 14 slots are available for illustrators wishing to have their current print and/or online portfolios evaluated by an art director or professional illustrator.

2. Submit to First Impressions and have your illustration viewed as part of the FIRST IMPRESSIONS session during the Illustrator’s Café (see below).

2. Enter the Portfolio Showcase.  Whether you are an illustrator just starting out, or a seasoned illustrator, this is an opportunity to catch the eye of an art director, editor or agent–though we make no guarantees!

3. Illustrator’s Café is an informal gathering on the Sunday Morning conference schedule where illustrators attending the conference meet to assimilate new ideas and share experiences and observations from the weekend’s activities. Macmillian Art Director Mallory Grigg will be on hand to answer questions and to critique First Impressions images. Individual portfolio reviews or critiques of additional work during this session will not be available.

4. What to Submit for Picture Book Dummy Critique

Critiques are for a pdf of a picture book, text and images. Maximum file size: 8MB.

Double-page spreads are recommended. (ie: Each single page in the pdf would show the two facing pages of the spread of your book.)

Up to three fully illustrated and colored spreads are standard, with the rest of the dummy being pencil sketches. (If you’ve only got one finished spread, that’s ok. If the entire book is finished out, that’s ok too. The point: submit your dummy.)

Include your name in the file name. Ex: PBDummy_BongosBigBreak_YourName.pdf

For any other questions on format, email Illustrator Coordinator Elizabeth Rawls


Check the Conference Information Page for more complete information.