Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Professional Conduct & Event Policies

SCBWI has developed a number of policies to ensure the equal treatment of our members and faculty as well as anyone who chooses to register and attend an event, either in a physical location or online. We, in SCBWI Carolinas, as part of the larger organization, provide this information on our regional page. 

By registering for any SCBWI Carolinas event, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of our policies on Recording and Blogging, Anti-harassment,  Photos taken at events, our Attendance requirements and requests and how we deal with food restrictions.

We, who work on the regional programing are a team devoted to bringing valued craft events to our region. Please note, we are all volunteers and so we also post a non-solicitation policy. 

If you are found in violation of the above, SCBWI reserves the right to remove you from the any SCBWI Carolinas event and bar you from attending future events.

Thank you in advance for taking these policies into account. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated.