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I don’t know if I want to do this, how can I get more information?

You can read the Frequently Asked Questions.   And, if you still have concerns or issues, please contact the Mentor Coordinator at


I want to apply for Revision Question, what do I have to do?

Application involves two steps.

1. Signing up on the event page.  Sign up is free. It signifies your interest in the program.

Once you sign up, the Mentor Coordinator will look for your Submission Packet.

If you decide after you apply you are not interested, please inform the Regional Advisor.

2. With your emailing of the Submission Packet you state you are willing to pay the tuition for the program and are committed to the four month program. 


When does the Event Page open for application? 

        APPLICATIONS OPEN NOW. Send Submission Packet by January 19 2018

Click here for Application


What is the tuition for the program?

The SCBWI Member tuition is $650.00.  Non-member tuition is $715.00

Payment is via USPS only. We do not accept credit cards. Payment is via check only.

Who knows I am submitting?

The Mentor Committee has your name and contact information. A committee will read all submissions and determine which writers will work with each
mentor.  For complete submission information, click here

The PDF attachment you submit must be void of any personal information. THIS IS A BLIND SUBMISSION PROCESS.


Can I send in any manuscript?

Your submission, upon which we base the choice of acceptance and mentor MUST BE the manuscript you intend to work on during Revision Quest.


What is in the Submission Packet?

The Submission Packet includes a Manuscript Submission, and if a novel, include a synopsis, and an Artistic Statement. 


How do I send this packet?

Send the packet as a PDF attachment which includes both the submission and the artistic statement. Name the document Revision Quest_last name_Novel, i.e., Revision Quest_Fannin_Novel


Where do I send the packet?

Send to  Subject line should read: Revision Quest_last name, i.e., Revision Quest_Fannin 

Include in the body of the email:

  • Name
  • Contact information [email, mailing address and phone number]
  • Title of submission
  • Genre of submission

What do I include as part of the manuscript submission?

A manuscript submission [MUST BE VOID of name and other identifying information]:

  •  Picture books
  •   Submit two full picture book manuscripts
  • Novels [chapter books, middle grade, young adult, historical, fantasy]Submit the first ten (10) pages of a draft of your manuscript INCLUDING a one page double- spaced synopsis

When formatting your manuscript submission please refer to


What belongs in the artistic statement?

  On one page, double spaced [MUST BE VOID of name and other identifying information]

  • •       Why you want to participate in this program
  • •       How you hope to improve your work
  • •       Any other relevant information you’d like to share

For more information, questions or concerns, write to Please be patient if you request information as this is a lightly monitored account.