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Who is eligible to apply for Revision Quest?

This program was begun for SCBWI Carolinas members working with SCBWI Carolinas PAL members.  Application is open to any SCBWI member who applies.  We accept application and submission packets from nonmembers.


I’m thinking about applying to Revision Quest, is there any criteria?

Yes, we ask you have a finished manuscript to work on.  And, we ask you to make a commitment to regular exchange of monthly packets on a deadline set up between the mentor and the student over a four-month period of time from February to June.


How much does this program cost?

The SCBWI Member tuition is $650.00.  Non-member tuition is $715.00

SCBWI Carolinas accepts the funds and sends the entire fee to the mentor who has taken on the student. There is no application fee or service fee charged. The tuition covers four months of working with a mentor on your manuscript.


Why are nonmembers charged more?

It is the practice within SCBWI to provide favorable rates for all programs and events to those who hold membership within the organization. To find out more about SCBWI, go to About SCBWI  Click here to Join.


Will the program be any different if I am a nonmember?

No. Nonmembers who agree to the same time and effort commitment will receive the same editorial attention as members.


What will I get out of this program?

Through editorial feedback and craft development “homework,” students will end with more refined manuscripts and a deeper understanding of the genre, writing process, and their own authorial perspective.


Will this program help me get published?

The goal of this program is not to find you an editor or an agent.

The goal is to provide editorial assistance and assist in your creating a manuscript, either a picture book or a middle grade or young adult novel, which is the best you can write. The decision to submit to editors and/or agents is yours.


Who are the mentors?

All the mentors are PAL members of SCBWI. As part of their own writing life, they have agreed to participate and mentor other members of SCBWI in a process that allows students and mentors to immerse themselves in the world of the manuscript. The student, with the mentor’s guidance, can hone that manuscript to be the best it can be.

In SCBWI we identify those members who are published in a traditional process as PAL or ‘published and listed’. These are books published by traditional publishing houses that do not charge money to author or illustrators.  A complete list of the guidelines of PAL Publisher Guidelines is available at Levels of Membership.


Can I pick my own mentor?

The decision as to who an applicant will work with is made by the Mentor Committee. The decision is based on the genre the applicant writes, their level of skill, as evidenced by their submission, and the goals and aims cited in their Artistic Statement. We match every applicant to the experience of the mentors to arrive at the best fit. You want to work with the mentor who believes in your setting and characters and feels she can effectively work with you on your revision to make your manuscript as strong as possible over four months.


How do I apply to this program?

The application is a two-step process. 

  • 1. Apply on line at to show your intent.
  • This gives us an idea as to how many will be submitting and helps us to work with the mentors who will be taking on students.  
  • 2. Put together a Submission Packet that is sent via email to the Mentor Committee who evaluates your manuscript and work with the mentors

When you send us your submission for Revision Quest the mentors not only for a manuscript we can work with, but also for a writer who is committed to improving their work and taking the time to get it done.


Anyway I can help my application?

Yes. Submit the best possible sample of your manuscript you can. Scour your manuscript and correct typos and formatting issues.  Check out this PDF from, From Keyboard to Printed Page.


What are the dates of registration and submission of the packet?

The deadline dates for each year will be posted at the Revision Quest page.


What is in the submission packet?

The Submission Packet includes

            1. Either two full picture book manuscripts or the first ten pages of the manuscript you will be working on.

            2. And, an artistic statement of why you want to be in the program and how you hope to improve your work.

For more complete information click here: ENROLLMENT GUIDANCE


When does registration open?

Application opens in January of each year.  You apply and we learn who is interested in joining the program.

And email blast will be sent to the membership with the link to application for that year. And the link will be on the main page of Revision Quest and can be found in Events


Will the mentors know who they are choosing?

No. All submissions are blind.  There is no personal information on the manuscript submission or on the artistic statement. Only the Mentor Coordinator has your personal data.


How does the Mentor Committee select students?

The Mentor Committee reviews all of the Submission Packets received and prepares them for submission to various mentors.


Does a mentor see my submission packet?

Yes. Submission packets are sent to those PAL members who are mentors in the present year Revision Quest program. Each mentor working with the Mentor Committee choses the manuscript(s) they wish to work with.


How do I know if I have been accepted?

The Mentor Coordinator will send email to those who are accepted into the program within one month of application. 


When to I have to pay?

Applicants chosen for Revision Quest must remit the program tuition within one week of acceptance to SCBWI C, PO Box 1216, Conover NC 28613-1216.  Make checks out to SCBWI Carolinas.

Please note:  For this program we do not accept credit cards. Checks only.


Who else will know I am participating in Revision Quest?

After you have been accepted, we post the names of students with their mentor and the project they are working.

We maintain a Mentor Class Page with information on each year.


Can I talk with the Mentor Coordinator?

For more information, questions or concerns, write to Please be patient when you request information, as this is a lightly monitored account.  


Can I meet my Mentor?

Most mentors attend the SCBWI Carolinas Annual Conference.

In 2018, the conference By Word & By Line, will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2018.   Watch our website at for more information.