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SCBWI Carolinas in 2019

2019 is our 10th Annual ART & WRITING SCBWI Carolinas Contest


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FINISH  your manuscript!







  • WORK closely with a published author in your genre
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An all new mentoring program from SCBWI Carolinas

    Congratulations! You finished your rough draft of your picture book, chapter book, middle grade,young adult novel, it may be fiction or nonfiction, and…

It’s revision time. Sometimes, revision is downright painful. But ask any author and they’ll tell you it’s (Read More)


We are winding down, the SCBWI Carolinas equipment is stored on the shelves, the final checks written and mailed, the reports done and in to HQ.


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This year, SCBWI has amended its policy regarding book sales to include self-published and independenly published books to be sold at conferences and other SCBWI sponsored events. 

All members with books in the bookstore may participate in the Autograph (Read More)

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KidLit Drink Night


An interview with the Carolinas crew behind the popular podcast

by Bonnie Adamson

A group of writers and SCBWI members in the Carolinas have parlayed a common love of children’s literature and a talent for witty and insightful commentary into … (Read More)

An Open Letter To SCBWI Members

We, your regional SCBWI Carolinas team, take seriously our fiduciary responsibility to adhere to all the contracts and agreements we have signed. We are honor bound to the members of this region as well as to the mission of SCBWI to (Read More)

Polish Your Manuscript in Your PJs

We're still not sure how many participants took us up on the PJs part, but we KNOW that many came away with a true understanding of how 

  • to identify a high concept–an easily phrased sentence that sums up the story,
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It’s February. Time to Submit to the Art & Writing Contest

This is your opportunity to have your work seen by an art director or an editor at a major publishing house. This is our 7th Annual Art and Writing Contest. This contest is a membership benefit for those SCBWI members on the SCBWI Carolinas roster. Submissions are accepted starting Monday February 1, 2016 through Monday February 29, 2016 at Please read the contest ART or the WRITING rules carefully for complete information.
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Pen & Palette

SCBWI Carolinas's improved blog space.   

Please visit our CHAPTER PAGE for information about our programs and events. 

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Participants completed a six week course. October 6-19: Story In this section of the challenge participants took a critical look at our manuscripts to determine how they conform to generally accepted picture book criteria for plot and theme. Monday, October 13, 9:00-10:30 pm (Eastern): Webinar with John Cusick, Greenhouse Literary Agency October 20-November 2: Structure In this sesion challenge participants learned how to use a storyboard and dummy to refine the pace and flow on the text.
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▪ Have you read Tips, Tidbits and The Inside Scoop Blog? ▪ Check out our To Tell A Tale Conference Information Page For all the download information. ▪ Brush up on the conference activities, schedule and faculty bios so you can get the most out of the conference. ▪ THE BOOK BASKET PROGRAM. Please bring a new or gently used book for the Child Care Resources Inc., an agency that provides services for Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes. The licensed Family Child Care Homes serve children 0-12 years of age in homes. ▪ PARKING: The Crowne Plaza Hotel was chosen for it’s easy access off Tryon Blvd and Exit 5 of I-77. The parking lot surrounding the hotel is for all attendees and parking is FREE.
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One of the biggest reasons I come back to our SCBWI-Carolinas Fall Conference year after year is for the conversations. The presentations are always wonderful, but what can I say? I’m a yacker. I love getting together with all you creative types and hearing about new projects, talking about issues of craft and publishing, and swapping stories. For the past several years, the PAL (published and listed) members of SCBWI-Carolinas have held an authors’ roundtable to offer insights and answer questions. In addition, we’re going to have a conversation with those PAL members who were in the first Mentor Program.
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Everything You Wanted to Know about the Mentor Program…

2014 was SCBWI Carolinas inagural mentorship program. Four mentors worked with four mentees to help bring their work closer to the point of publication. You will have the opportunity to hear from all eight individuals at the panel moderated by John Claude Bemis on Saturday night. According to Stephanie Greene, coordinator of the newly-developed program, "It certainly seemed, from everything both the mentors and mentees said to me, that it was a great success." Here are some comments from the mentors:
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We’re all about children’s books, and especially those books published by SCBWI members who are participating in our conference. We are proud of the number of published authors and illustrators in our region. Writing and illustrating can be a very solitary endeavor. The annual conference Autograph Party gives us the opportunity to shine the spotlight on those who have succeeded in attaining publication.
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you’re an illustrator just starting out, you need to get used to displaying your work. At the very least, putting together a portfolio for others to see is a great exercise in self-editing and refining your voice. If you’re a seasoned illustrator, this is an opportunity to define (or re-define) yourself, to demonstrate how your style is adaptable to a range of projects—or to focus on the type of work that excites you most. And, not incidentally, of course, you may just catch the eye of an art director, editor or agent—though we make no guarantees!
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Recently, I asked Gretchen Griffith about why she wrote The Inside Track. Here is her response: I was mostly interested in developing a guide for conference newcomers because of my own experiences at my first SCBWI conference years ago in Clemmons, NC where I had no idea what to expect, what to say, what to wear even. After a few sessions and many friendly greetings that weekend, I realized my fears were unfounded, my ideas taken seriously, and my clothing the least of anyone’s concern. Yet had I been aware of certain elements of the conference, I would not have missed out on valuable information and on available networking with other authors. Through the years I’ve gained a little insight into making the best of a writer’s conference, so when I was in Charlotte a couple of years ago talking with first timers, I did what other SCBWI members once did for me. I helped them.
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Is this your first conference? Are you new to writing and illustrating for kids? If so, you'll want to join me for “Your Career Starts Here,” on Friday at 4 PM for a nuts and bolts beginner-level session that will answer all those burning questions you have: Like
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It’s All About You: How to ‘Take’ a Portfolio Review

As an illustrator submitting your portfolio for review, you are not so much in the position of a proud parent—it is you, yourself, under the microscope. Your portfolio is you. It defines you. It’s a promise to whomever will listen of what you can do if given the chance. It’s your i.d. card, your resume, and your autobiography all rolled into one.
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First Impressions is a conference session in which images from illustrators are projected onto a screen so a panel of publishing professionals can comment on them “cold,” sharing the thoughts and reactions they might have in response to an illustrator’s samples arriving unsolicited on their desks at work. It’s the illustrator’s equivalent to the First Pages event for writers.
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At every conference we collect new and gently used books for a deserving school in the metropolitan Charlotte area. This year all books will be donated to
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Interview with Emma Dryden

Over the course of three intensive and interlinked sessions—Writers as Atlas Makers, Writers as Architects, and Writers as Re-Envisioners—we will start by exploring various tools and techniques for world building in our work—the external world-building of setting, landscape, and geography, and the internal world-building of our characters’ voices and emotional engagement.
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Illustrators! Let’s Get Intense!

One of the highlights of the conference experience is the opportunity to take advantage of one of three four-hour Intensive Workshops on Friday morning. Each workshop is an immersive experience that explores a subject in depth--and is well worth the nominal add-on fee.
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Where: In the Conference Bookstore, courtesy of Quail Ridge Books and Music When: Before and during the SCBWI Carolinas Fall Conference Why: - To boost our fellow authors and illustrators - To start conversations between those who have published and those who are working on it; - To spark connections between undiscovered sisters of the ink, brothers of the brush, compatriots of the keyboard and sibling of the stylus
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PROMO POSTCARD Opportunity for Illustrators!

ALL CAROLINAS ILLUSTRATORS (members current as of conference dates in September) are invited to submit a packet of 20 promo postcards. One card from each illustrator participating will be added to a gift packet for each member of the visiting conference faculty.
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Count ‘Em, Two Live Chats!

The first will be held on Thursday, July 17, at 9 pm EDT, and is for illustrators thinking about attending the conference. The second Live Chat is for everyone registered for the conference. It will be held on Thursday, September 11, at 9 pm EDT. This will be your opportunity to ask any last-minute questions, from what to wear (layers! the meeting rooms are cold!) to where to grab lunch Friday before the festivities start, and to get a better idea of what to expect from the conference schedule. Everyone registered for the conference as of the day before the chat will receive an invitation with log-in information.
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HERE ARE THE DEADLINES YOU NEED TO KNOW. Refer to guidelines in the Conference Information download for addresses and details on formatting. Please be aware: Intensive Programs fill up fast, on a first-come-first-served basis.
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Spring Writing Retreat!

It was a perfect southern spring weekend in Chapel Hill North Carolina with moderate temperatures and flowers abloom as twenty six writers met for a weekend of writing, talking about writing and hearing about writing. SCBWI Carolinas returned to the Aqueduct Conference Center May 2 for a weekend writing retreat with Jill Santopolo, Executive Editor, Philomel.
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PAL Mentoring Program

SCBWI-Carolinas is excited to announce the first-ever Carolinas Mentor Program for 2014. Our mentors will work with writers on picture books, middle grade novels, and historical fiction. The program will run from February until June, with a monthly exchange of manuscript pages and revision between the mentor and writer.
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The Carolinas web site is new home for good news from Carolinas members!
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