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Super Jane’s Best HOT Tips for Advocating for Yourself by Jane Smith

As creative professionals in children’s book publishing, our happy place is no doubt in the creative work of writing and illustrating. However, we are, each and every one of us, also a business. And it can be really difficult to … (Read More)

How I Grew as an Educator, Illustrator, and Story Teller by Using Visual Techniques by Demetrios Liollio, or 柳亞澂

A BIG Adventure

Exactly ten years ago this month I began the biggest adventure of my life: moving to Taiwan, or 台灣. This small, democratic island nation consists of Han Chinese and native aboriginal people who are hard-working and compassionate. … (Read More)

Let’s Get This Pitch Party Started! by Jocelyn Rish

PitMad IWSGPit DVpit PBpitch

Did I drop some Scrabble tiles? Spill a bowl of alphabet soup? Actually, these are some of the Twitter pitch events (also known as pitch parties) that take place throughout the year.

If you’re not familiar … (Read More)

A Grain of Salt for Critiques: Handling and Using Honest Feedback by Micki Bare

Participating in a critique group is an essential part of the creative process for authors. It’s also very scary. No one wants their work shredded by peers. What we do want is to move our work forward on the continuum (Read More)

Bartali’s Bicycle: The Long and Winding Road of Research by Megan Hoyt

I first heard about Gino Bartali on a dreary Saturday afternoon. Snuggled beneath a blanket and clutching a cup of hot tea, I watched a documentary about the secret underground during World War II. This network of ordinary people rose … (Read More)

Writing with Chronic Illness by Vijaya Bodach

Ironically, just as I was getting excited about diving back into my novel after a summer of frivolous and fun short books, I had a horrible fall that’s left me bruised, battered, and a bit disabled. My right shoulder … (Read More)

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Mentor Program…

2014 was SCBWI Carolinas inagural mentorship program. Four mentors worked with four mentees to help bring their work closer to the point of publication. You will have the opportunity to hear from all eight individuals at the panel moderated by John Claude Bemis on Saturday night. According to Stephanie Greene, coordinator of the newly-developed program, "It certainly seemed, from everything both the mentors and mentees said to me, that it was a great success." Here are some comments from the mentors:
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We’re all about children’s books, and especially those books published by SCBWI members who are participating in our conference. We are proud of the number of published authors and illustrators in our region. Writing and illustrating can be a very solitary endeavor. The annual conference Autograph Party gives us the opportunity to shine the spotlight on those who have succeeded in attaining publication.
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Where: In the Conference Bookstore, courtesy of Quail Ridge Books and Music When: Before and during the SCBWI Carolinas Fall Conference Why: - To boost our fellow authors and illustrators - To start conversations between those who have published and those who are working on it; - To spark connections between undiscovered sisters of the ink, brothers of the brush, compatriots of the keyboard and sibling of the stylus
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PAL Mentoring Program

SCBWI-Carolinas is excited to announce the first-ever Carolinas Mentor Program for 2014. Our mentors will work with writers on picture books, middle grade novels, and historical fiction. The program will run from February until June, with a monthly exchange of manuscript pages and revision between the mentor and writer.
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