Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators


The Pen & Palette is a place for regional members to share their experiences in writing, illustrating, and publishing books for children. It represents the professional careers of our members, and as such we strive to present well-polished entries. We encourage writers and illustrators to share about their creative processes and artistic journeys, including our Full members’ experiences in self publishing and marketing. 


Topics we would like to see—feel free to tweak according to your own experience.

  • The in’s and outs of working co-operatively with another writer.
  • Creating an author newsletter.
  • Marketing in’s and out’s. What’s worked, what hasn’t.
  • What was it like to get your first contract?
  • What have you learned in your writing/illustrating journey that others could learn from?
  • Story structures–particularly non-western.
  • Do you write in several genres? How do you juggle that?
  • A review on a craft book or an online teaching tool that has been helpful.
  • Creating your own website. Pro’s, con’s, etc.


Do you have questions you wish someone in our region would answer? There’s a good chance you’re not alone. Submit your questions and we’ll see if we can find an author or illustrator who can address them. Please submit proposals to Carol Baldwin. The blog coordinator reserves the right to request contributors to revise/edit their entries. The entry will be due one month in advance of publication.

Submission requirements:

  • 700 words or less
  • Edited for content and grammar
  • Submitted as a Word doc (If you are unable to submit .docx, please alert Carol) 
  • Please include images to enhance your content, as well as a headshot and short bio