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Post-Conference Thoughts From Your Regional Team

Post-Conference Thoughts From Your Regional Team

Our Carolinas 2022 Fall Conference, Swinging into Kidlit, is over, and now it’s time to jump off that swing and FLY! (Remember that sensation? Leaping off the swing, airborne for just a moment, before hitting the ground running?) That is just what we hope YOU will do following this year’s conference–let your imagination FLY and then hit the ground running with your creative projects.

The months after an inspiring conference (or any creative workshop) is a great time to reflect on what we’ve learned, set goals, and begin working. Here are some tips we’ve found personally useful:

  1. Nurture your inspiration. Most of us come away from conferences ready to create, but often life intervenes and we’re unable to nurture that inspiration as diligently as we’d planned. Set aside time for yourself daily (or several times weekly) to create and keep your post-conference inspiration burning.
  2. Organize your conference notes now. Taking time to type your notes can help you absorb and retain this information. It also provides a great resource to reference as you create.
  3. Don’t miss out on the conference submission opportunities! This happens more than you might realize. Time goes by and before you know it that submission window has closed. Set a reminder in your calendar. If you’re submitting it, we want to hear about it! Let us know on the SCBWI Carolinas FB page, IG, or Twitter. #SCBWICarolinasSUBClub
  4. Remember to read books recommended by the conference faculty. This is something else that often gets lost in the shuffle–you jot down titles during sessions, intending to look them up later, but never get around to it. Take ten minutes to go through your notes now and find all of those titles, then compile them into one TBR list. A book recommended by an agent or editor rarely disappoints!
  5. Set reasonable goals to work towards. It can be helpful to break these down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. I will write 500 words every day/research one topic every week/edit 3 chapters every month/etc. This can help you pace yourself and keep your project(s) on track.
  6. Network with new (and old) conference friends. We have *finally* gathered in person again! (This feels truly miraculous at this point!) Connect with new friends, fellow conference attendees, and faculty on social media, and keep the conversations going. Don’t forget to use our conference hashtag: #CarolinasKidlit2022
  7. Take advantage of the opportunities offered in our region. Did you try Ignite the Spark at the conference? Do you want to learn more about our Carolinas Working Illustrators Network (WIN)? There’s so much available to our Carolinas membership–check out our SCBWI Carolinas webpage and our Top Ten Opportunities For SCBWI Carolinas Members to learn more.
  8. Don’t forget to fill out our short Conference Survey. Only five questions. Your responses will help us better plan for next year.
  9. Remember your Regional Team is here for YOU! Please contact us with questions, ideas, and feedback. We are already planning our next year of programming, and our key focus is connecting and supporting our wonderful membership.

Save the date for the SCBWI Carolinas 31st Annual Fall Conference–Sept 22-24, 2023! Then hop on that creative swing, let your imagination fly, and hit the ground running! 😊

Here are some scenes from this year’s conference:


Taking a break from thinking and working intensely with Jennifer Soloway on how to “Stand Out in a Sea of Slush.”

Friends, old and new, schmoozing and having fun!

Our inspirational Saturday morning keynote speaker, LeUyen Pham.

So much to learn about “Storytelling Techniques for Nonfiction” with Kathleen Ortiz.

Our stupendous RA- Erica Wood! (don’t you love those shoes?)

V is for the Region’s Volunteers!