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Polish Your Manuscript in Your PJs

We're still not sure how many participants took us up on the PJs part, but we KNOW that many came away with a true understanding of how 

  • to identify a high concept–an easily phrased sentence that sums up the story,
  • what it takes to have a well thought out plot, not just the trajectory of increasing conflict for the character but what a Tent Pole means to the coherence of the story, 
  • how well described setting can ramp up the excitement and pacing of a story,
  • what it means to understand your character's ability to function in a particiular role and impact the other stories of the character, 
  • and finaly, when  believable dialogue can initiate tension and give your characters a clear voice. 

 A huge thank you to Carolinas PAL authors Megan ShepherdAlan Gratz,David Macinnis GillRebecca Petruck and Kami Kinard, whose presentations on hook, plot, setting, character and dialogue provided valuable information and frequent "Aha!" moments for participants.

For those who registered, there was the opportunity to listen live to the presentation and/or to go to the recording. My own personal learning style was to listen live and take minimual notes, then go to the recording days later getting indepth wealth of information. I think I will be processing my notes for a while. 

We have an amazing, talented group of authors and illustrators who presented on topics that are basic to forming story. We are excited to be able to offer programs such as this online series, the mentor progam and the option of spring intensives and our fall conference. We trust that we are finding way to connect with many members of our region and that there is value in the varied ways we provide presentations on the art and craft of children's publishing. 

Teresa Fannin