Society of
Children's Book Writers
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Is it really time to think about September stuff?  As I write, it is July. I am not ready to think about September.
I mean, July still summer vacation!  Where would children's literature be without the iconic interlude of sun-drenched freedom, freedom to pursue one's own adventures or to read about as many of the adventures of others as you possibly can?
I am busy teaching my children to honor this sacred institution, and to defend against the out-of-bounds incursions of binders and crayons and glue sticks marshalled in the store aisles.  Their time has not come.
But the SCBWI Carolinas Fall Conference Bookstore – that is a different
matter.  It is time, so here goes:
     Who:  SCBWI Carolinas
     What:  Books!  Books for sale within talking distance of their illustrators, authors, editors, or agents!
     Where:  In the Conference Bookstore, courtesy of Quail Ridge Books and Music
     When:  Before and during the SCBWI Carolinas Fall Conference (exact
times to be announced).
         –         To boost our fellow authors and illustrators
         –         To start conversations between those who have published and those who are working on  it;
         –         To spark connections between undiscovered sisters of the ink, brothers of the brush, compatriots of the keyboard and sibling of the stylus
         –        To raise money for SCBWI Carolinas
         –        To have fun
If you are a SCBWI PAL -Published And Listed- member, author or illustrator, attending the conference, don't forget to submit the title and ISBN of your recent book (s) so we can order for the bookstore.  Email information to Friday, August 15, 2013.
If you have a favorite book on craft or on the artist's life to commend to fellow conference-goers, please email the author and title to me at Friday, August 15, 2013.
See you in September!
Raised in the wilds of rural Idaho, Jennifer Holt now resides in Garner, NC with her husband, four children, eight chickens, one overly fluffy dog, and two suspected serial killer cats. If the air is cool and the sun is just coming up, you can find her plotting her next novel while jogging quiet streets with the sort of intensity that will one day get her hit by a car. She is currently publishing under the name Leigh Statham.