Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Understanding the Contest Membership Requirement

         Opportunities to get your work in front of editors and art directors, such as SCBWI Carolians annual Art and Writing Contest, are a primary perk of membership. Although we set our own rules for our regional contest, we follow the example of the national organization in requiring that membership be current when entries are submitted and when results are announced.

It is a contest rule

that memberships due to expire before June 30 of the contest year

must be renewed before entering the contest.

See Art Contest Rules.   See Writing Contest Rules. 


  • Renewals are managed ONLY at the SCBWI headquarters in Los Angeles located at 4727 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 301, LA CA 90010. 
  • Members can renew either online through their My Home page or via USPS.
  •  SCBWI is a non-profit organziation with a small headquarters staff and membership renewal via USPS and a check may take up to four (4) weeks to be recorded. 
  • Keep in mind that online renewals are more quickly accepted into the database system.

We establish the membership eligibility of your submissions for the contest through a download of our regional membership roster. The roster tells us if your membership is current, when it was last renewed, and when it expires. This is why we insist that all contest entries (as in all communications with any regional team member) use the name and email address recorded in your SCBWI profiles. 

Any contest disqualification is difficult for us as administrators. We continually review and revise our contest guidelines to fine-tune the process. The shift to electronic submissions in 2015 was in large part an effort to eliminate the vagaries of postal delivery. 

We receive over 125 entries for our annual Writing and Art Contest. It would be impossible for the contest coordinators to contact each entrant individually to ascertain that all is in order. We must rely on what is a very reliable membership system. We make every effort to consider what is fair to both the members who hope to benefit from these events and the volunteers who donate their time to facilitate them.