Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Past Contest Winners

2019 Contest

Judge: Saho Fujii, Art Director, Little, Brown Young Readers
1st Place, Florbela Nienaber
2nd Place, Laura Bryant
3rd Place, Lucy Elliot


Judge: Caroline Abbey, Editorial Director, Random House Books for Young Readers
1st Place: Landra Jennings, The Witch’s Fog
2nd Place: Kirsten McDonald, Catching The Moon
3rd Place:  Stephen Baker, All The Time In The World
Picture Book
Judge: Liz Kossnar, Editor Simon & Schuster Books for Young Reader
1st Place: Anna Ouchchy, Tilda, The Funny Bunny
2nd Place: Amy Mucha, Baby Brother $1
3rd Place:  Bacchus Johnson,  I Want To BE A Flower

2018 Contest


Judge: Alison Weiss, Editor, Sky Pony Press
1st Place: Jenny Murray: The Eighth Wonder of Pine Mountain  
2nd Place: Jake Burnett: The Chaos Court
3rd Place:  Amy Skelding: The Real Me
Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Kait Feldmann, Editor, Arthur A. Levine Books
1st Place: Jeremy Hanna: Cat Cattywampus
2nd Place: Nicola Waldron: P-TAH!P-TAH! P-TAH!
3rd Place:  Adrea Theodore: My Other House 

2017 Contest

Judge: Thomas Truong, Art Director, Little Tiger Group UK
1st Place, Wendy Elliott
2nd Place, Abbie Baggett
3rd Place, Nancy Lemon


Judge: Stacey Friedberg, Editor, Dial Books for Young Readers
1st Place: Mary Jane Nirdlinger: The Pearls 
2nd Place: Kathleen Fox: Fight for the Dog
3rd Place:  Jenny Evans: The Woods
Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Annie Nybo, Editor, Albert Whitman & Company
1st Place: Caroline Flory: Momma’s Gloves
2nd Place: Kristen Bock: Millie’s Formula for a Friend
3rd Place:  Anna Ouchchy: Leilia’s Oud

2016 Contest

Judge: Colleen AF Venable, Art Director, Workman Kids 
1st Place, David Bernardy
2nd Place, Jeehyun Kim Hoke
3rd Place, Anna Totten


Judge: Kat Brzozowski, Editor, Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martins Press
1st Place: Kamie Edwards: Bottlecaps
2nd Place: Jocelyn Rish: Drama Queen
3rd Place:  Halli Gomez: List of Ten
Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Beth Terrill, Editor, North South Books
1st Place: David Bernardy: Dadblame Rabbits!
2nd Place: Kristen Bock: Buster Writes a Happy Ending Thrilling Adventure
3rd Place:  Tara Luebbe: Operation Photobomb

2015 Contest

Judge: Chad Beckerman, Creative Director, Abrams Books for Young Readers
1st Place, Cara Bevan
2nd Place, David Bernardy
3rd Place, Stacy Gray


Judge: Marisa Polansky, Associate Editor, Scholastic Press
1st Place: Lisa Diane Gaines: Animal Tongues
2nd Place: Gretchen Griffith: We Landed on the Moon
3rd Place:  Melissa Payne: Castles and Cells
Judge: Paula Sadler, Editor.  Random House Books for Young Children
1st Place: Stephen Edward Baker: Prayers to Broken Stone
2nd Place: Kamie R. Edwards: Pearl
3rd Place:  Halli Gomez: Riley Cooper Tween Inventor  
Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Karl Jones, Associate Editor, Grosset & Dunlap
1st Place: Kirsten Bock: Bailey’s Brother’s Boots
2nd Place: Tara Luebbe: Princess Twincess
3rd Place:  Derick Wilder: Run, Rabbit, Run. 

2014 Contest

Judge: Anne Moore Armstrong, Creative Collaboration Agent, The Bright Group
1st Place:  Julie Fortenberry
2nd Place:  Deborah Johnson
3rd Place:  Teresa Wiles
Judge: Carolyn P. Yoder, Senior Editor, Calkins Creek Books
1st Place: Christie Lee Wild: Kaleidoscope Eyes
2nd Place: Gretchen Griffith: Done and Done: Celebrating Achievements
3rd Place: Kathleen Fox: The Case of the Missing Library Book
Judge: Andrew Karre, Editorial Director, Carolrhoda Books,
1st Place: Amanda Lee Scherle: The Elephant in the Room
2nd Place: Miriam Vos Perez: Experiment in Progress
3rd Place: Jessica Albon: Blessing Beneath
Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Emma Ledbetter, Associate Editor, Atheneum Books for Young Readers
1st Place: A. Rhee Theodore: I Would Love You Still
2nd Place: Derick Wilder: The Spot
3rd Place: Caroline Flory: Cason’s Open Hands

2013 Contest

Judge: Lucy Cummins, Art Director, Simon & Schuster
1st Place:  Meredith Radazzo
2nd Place:  Susan Arciero
3rd Place:  Deborah Johnson


Judge: Jennifer Greene, Senior Editor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
1st Place:  Anne Marshall Runyon:  Fire Pine in the Savanna
2nd Place:  Stacy McAnulty:  What Adults Got Wrong
3rd Place:  Caroline McAlister:  John Ronald’s Dragons

Judge: Mallory Kass, Editor, Scholastic Press
1st Place:  Kathleen Burkinshaw:  The Last Cherry Blossom
2nd Place:  Jen Marie McConnel:  Gypsy Witch
3rd Place:  Suzanne Warr:  NinChicks

Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Amy Lennox, Editor, Sleeping Bear Press
1st Place:  Kristal Lee Cheshire :  Noodles
2nd Place:  Jean A. Ramsden:  The Cowboy Blues
3rd  Place:  Michelle Martin Dobbins:  My Heart is in Afghanistan

2012 Contest

Judge: Katrina Damkoeler, Associate Art Director, Sterling Books
1st Place:  Alice Ratterree
2nd Place:  Brenda Gilliam
3rd Place:  Jennifer Noel Bower


Judge: Mary Rodgers, Editor-In-Chief, Lerner Books
1st Place:  Melissa Payne:  Without Elephants
2nd Place:  Michelle Henry:  Can You Imagine What’s Under Your Feet?
3rd Place:  Ellen L. Fischer:  Skin is Skin

Judge: Adah Nuchi, Editor, Harcourt Children’s Books
1st Place:  Holly Smith:  The Chronicles of the Karma Kids Book One
2nd Place:  Chris Hoerter:  Arcanum
3rd Place:  Vijaya Khisty Bodach:  Emergency

Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Kate Fletcher, Editor, Candlewick Press
1st Place:  Donna Marie Lynk :  The Moonbees
2nd Place:  Lucy Rozier:  Rocket, Run!
3rd  Place:  Maria Nolletti Ross:  Violet Meets the Relatives


Judge: Martha Rago, Art Director, Harper Collins
1st Place:  Brenda Gilliam
2nd Place:  Carol Kotsher Marden
3rd Place:  Stacy A. Gray

Judge: Nicole Corse, Editor, Scholastic Press
1stPlace:  Beth Potter :  Irena’s Children: The Story of Irena Sendler and the Children of the Warsaw Ghetto During World War II
2nd Place:  Joel Shulkin, M.D.:  My Friend, the Doctor
3rd Place:  Ellen Fischer:  Touching Feet and Pulling Earlobes: What Makes Birthdays Special Around the World

Judge: Kaylan Adair, Editor,  Candlewick Press
1st Place:  Megan Shepherd:  The Madman’s Daughter
2nd Place:  Robin Rudd:  Christmas Tree Mountain
3rd Place:  Gillian Speace:  Dylan and the Sunken Kingdom

Illustrated Fiction 
Judge: Suzy Capozzi, Editor, Random House Books
1st Place:  Kit Grady:  Chicken Roundup
2nd Place:  Rebecca Shoniker:  Grandma Rose’s Garden
3rd Place:  Paddy M. Bell:  Wednesday’s Words

2010 Contest

Judge: Tim Gillner, Art Director, Boyds Mill Press
1st Place:  Sean Monson
2nd Place:  Susan Arciero • Carol Marden • Christiane Tibbits

Judge: Chris Harbo, Senior Editor, Capstone Press
1st  Place:  Jillian Gregory:  Tessellations: Art or Math?
2nd Place:  Maggie Monteith:  Simone’s Wagon
Third Place:  David Kwee:  Gut It Out

Judge: Sarah Shumway, Editor, Katherine Tegan Books HarperCollins
1st Place:  Rebecca Petruck:  Blue Moo
2nd Place:  Tracy Davis:  Taking Flight
3rd  Place:  Laurie Edwards:  Dragons Unleashed
Honorable Mention:
Martha Chandler:  The Pod Sisters
Bethany Dellinger:  The Darkening
Stacy McAnulty:  Kiss of Death
Blonnie Wyche:  Anny & Hiram: Reluctant Rebels.

Illustrated Fiction
Judge: Andrea Welch, Editor, Beach Lane Press
1st  Place:  Janine Yordy–Tidal Tale
2nd  Place:  Debra Halborn:  The Barn Cat Jamboree
3rd  Place:  Donna Koppelman:  Pillow, The Sea Dog